Get Involved!

Community Service
Plan, publicize, and oversee at least one community service project relevant to the SASP community per semester

CPS Expo
Organize/plan the CPS Research EXPO
- Plan the submission/acceptance process
- Reserving rooms
- Arrange schedule 

Media & Promotions
Maintain the SASP website
Provide presentations to local colleges, career classes, etc about School Psychology
Maintain SASP bulletin board
Organize School Psychology Week

Professional Development
Identify and coordinate speakers to present to SASP (reserving room/pass out fliers, etc.)
Inform SASP members of relevant conferences/presentation (GASP, NASP, APA)
Organize/develop workshops relevant to the SASP community 

Research & Publications
Responsible for submitting an article to the CPS Newsletter each semester

- Encourage students to submit
- Review article before submission
Create and maintain list of articles, presentations, book chapters (etc.) written by School Psychology students and post to the website
Organize and facilitate the writing support team for those working on research articles

Coordinate, publicize, and attend SASP social events
Organize NASP hour hour

Assist with summer orientation for new Masters/Ed.S. students
Field questions from prospective students about the program, living in Atlanta, etc. 
Provide College of Education and campus tours for new students
Assist faculty with planning/organizing interview days

Scholarship & Awards Committee
Provide information about awards/scholarships that are relevant for School Psychology student/faculty nominations
Structure the Karen Lopp Scholarship
- Describe qualities that one needs to possess for the scholarship
- Develop a plan for application process
- Decide who will determine the recipient